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AU Sydney - Australia

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Inki K.

Dodane przez: Inki K.

data: lipiec 2011

My experience in UEC is phenomenal. I was studied ... Czytaj dalej

Giacomo E.

Dodane przez: Giacomo E.

data: czerwiec 2011

my experience at school was great.. teachers are r... Czytaj dalej

Andres C.

Dodane przez: Andres C.

data: czerwiec 2011 - Queensland

I studied at Universal English College (UEC) Sydne... Czytaj dalej


Level 1, 17 O'Connell Street
Kod pocztowy : NSW 2000
Miasto : Sydney
Kraj : Australia

Tel. : +61 292831088
Fax : +61 292831760
Latest student review

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Inki K.

Dodane przez: Inki K. (Seoul - South Korea)

data: lipiec 2011 - South Korea

My experience in UEC is phenomenal. I was studied from 2002 March - 2003 January.

There are lots of objectives you need to consider when you choose your English school such as school’s curriculum, teacher’s qualifications, student’s activities, the proportion of students in the class and their background, common area where student and teachers freely talk about their stories and sharing the value of their cultures, school facilities and if they have an EAP (English Academic Purpose) course for those who plan to study academic courses at university in Australia and so on.


UEC had a great mix of cultures in the class. The students’ background and proportion of students were very dynamic. I had had lots of chances to share the value of their culture and my culture. I am still in touch with my friends from UEC.

The teachers were qualified and dedicated! I went through the EAP course and achieved the level I wanted. The course taught very good tips for our essays and presentation that can be utilised in your workplace or university. I received a really good score on my essay and presentation at Macquarie University in Sydney thanks to the EAP course in UEC and the teachers.

I stayed 43 weeks in UEC and enjoyed every single day. It was one of the precious time in my life.

Giacomo E.

Dodane przez: Giacomo E. (Biella - Italy)

data: czerwiec 2011 - Italy

my experience at school was great.. teachers are really good, and you have the possibility to learn a language meeting many people from all over the world and so you can even learn something more about others cultures.. i would suggest the school to everyone who is in doubt.. go and do it.. you'll never regret yoru decision, trust me!!!!

Andres C.

Dodane przez: Andres C. (Brisbane - )

data: czerwiec 2011

I studied at Universal English College (UEC) Sydney in early 2006. My time there could not have been any better. Being an international student, sometimes is overwhelming the amount of new challenges you have to face. It's not only a whole new language but also a whole new culture away (far, far away!) from everything and everyone you know! Their 360*Care program, the support from the teachers and the school staff, their activities and language programs are there to make your experience in Australia a lot easier and much more enjoyable! I shared a lot of great moments with people all over the world: from day trips, to trivia and even pub crawls! and I've managed to keep some really good friends from the school!
Academically, UEC provided me with valuable language tools not only to perform exceptionally well in the IELTS test (I've got 8.5/9.0 on the academic version), but also to pursue my Masters Degree in Education, which I finished in 2009. All in all, a great experience, highly recommended!

Andres Ramirez
From Colombia

Michael V.

Dodane przez: Michael V. (Steinfurt - Germany)

data: lipiec 2010 - Germany

Hi there,

if you are looking for an English school in Sydney I totally can recommend this school. Besides the fantastic way to teach English you have also the possibility to meet other students from all over the world.
I also can recommend the well organized programme for your spare time after school or the weekend.
I just stayed 4 weeks in the school but it helped me a lot to get into the language and the lovely Australian accent.
All in all I had a great time Down Under...


Amélie C.

Dodane przez: Amélie C. (BORDEAUX - France)

data: lipiec 2010 - France

This establishment wasn't a mistake at all ! I took a good course ( FCE Cambridge exams ) and they find ma a nice family for the au pair program ! I came back home fluent ! The school used to organize a lot of events for students and trips out of sydney like going to the Blue mountains...
EXCELLENTS teachers like David or Charlotte ! This is a good value for money, I can tell !

Sophia S.

Dodane przez: Sophia S. (Germany)

data: lipiec 2010 - Germany

I can recommend this school to everyone who is interested in learning English in a great city. It is really nice studying in the centre of Sydney and being able to experience Australian life every day. There are a lot of great teachers in school who are able to teach you properly, no matter how good your English skills are or for how long you decide to stay in school, one week or one year! And they have a nice program for the weekends as well, which means you can meet your colleagues from all over the world on trips to awesome spots around Sydney, including a surf trip for example. I loved studying in Sydney and I met a lot of great people in UEC!!

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